Final Project (Done)

Hi guys,

In this post, I will show you my final project in Multimedia System course. I did this project with my teammate, Giorgio Fasolini.


This is a normal sandbox theme.


This is the edited sandbox theme we create.

Our main idea is to create a wordpress theme with one main theme. We decided to make a sea theme where we can see from above the sea and it will submerge deeper in the water as you scroll down to the body. Our theme will make the reader feel calm and peace as they read through the blog with a calm background and this theme will make them easier too read.

Gior mainly edit the header and menu and I did the body and footer.

The body:



We change all part of the sandbox from the background, fonts, aligns, size, positions, borders, and many more to suit our main theme. For the body, I use a underwater background where there appear a little light from above. I also use javascript for the welcome text to automatically change the text into other languages. The menu will also follow the user to the body as we set it fixed on the top of our screen so that it will be easier for the user to go to pages that will be set by the admin.

In addition, I also removed the sidebars as we think it is not too important and to make our theme more tidy. Admin still able to login from the header and they still can logout from the footer.

The footer:



In the lower body part, I decided to put some icons that can flip around to show the websites of each icon and these icons can be change from css file. For the footer, I also decided to put a background of coral as the most bottom part of the sea with darker colour and shadows to make it as the end point of the underwater journey. Admin can also logout from the footer by clicking the word “logout”.

We work together as a team to finish our final project as there are other project from other course so we decided to divide task equally and we focus to finish it together so that we can combine our ideas and create this theme together.

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